Go to Sleep Dear

Have a cup of tea,

Now let’s see.

Would you like a jammy dodger?

Lovely! You old codger!

Oh! It’s only a joke,

Would you like a smoke?

No, don’t! I fear,

Go to sleep my dear.



By Debbie Wood-Holland.




Try Harder

It makes me cry,

The harder I try.

Can’t seem to go fast,

This job won’t last.

I’m writing this rhyme,

In double-quick time.

Now I gotta go,

Try not to be so slow?



By Debbie Wood-Holland.


Just In Time!

This wasn’t my plan,

To the bus I ran.

Time’s not on my side,

If I want to make the ride.

I’ve got to run quick!

The time will tick.

Phew! I’ve made it in time,

I hear the clock chime.



By Debbie Wood-Holland.

Keep Busy

My mind’s in a hurry

and it likes to worry.

So I’ll count how I’m blessed,

Sometimes I’ll rest.

It’s best to keep busy,

But don’t feel dizzy.

I’ll have things to do,

To ride the day through.



By Debbie Wood-Holland.




On Track

When you have a plan,

It’s in the making.

You do what you can,

and there is no faking.


It helps to get it done,

When the day is through.

Don’t forget to have fun

and try things new.


Try to keep track,

But worry ye not!

Some days may lack,

Don’t tie yourself in a knot.



By Debbie Wood-Holland.



Searching for Something

What was I looking for?

Who bloody knows.

I’m meant to be happy,

Or so it goes.

But who wants jollity

all of the time?

It would be unnatural,

There would be no rhyme.


This reason is sure,

It takes alsorts to make

fun on a ride,

Don’t worry for goodness sake!

So find a way,

Along the path,

Give yourself credit,

Don’t stick with wrath.


By Debbie Wood-Holland.

Don’t Worry

Sometimes things don’t work out,

But don’t have a doubt.

There’s hope for tomorrow,

So don’t wallow in sorrow.

Please don’t worry,

and don’t you hurry.

Take the smooth with the rough

and be more tough.


By Debbie Wood-Holland.