Procrastination? I’ll deal with it tomorrow…

It’s driving me mad

and making me sad

Tomorrow’s another day

but today IS THE day

If only I’d stop

Today I will drop

Put off lots of stuff

This time I’ve had enough!


I’ll just have a coffee

Then some TV, maybe

Read my new book

Then take another look

Better cut the grass

Then sit on my arse

That window looks dirty!

Clean it ’til two-thirty.


I’ll just see my friend

Will it never end?

I was meant to write

Thought I just might

Clean the kitchen floor

Then go out the door

Go to the shop

I wish this would stop!


It took sometime

To write this rhyme

Not before I checked online

Then it’ll be fine

The stuff that I do

Oh no! I need to use the loo

Now I’m back

Can’t keep on track.


Meant to paint the wall

Of course, I answer a call

Then it’s off I go

Go to the museum so

Thxxx xx xx xxme

To wrxxx

xxe dax has pasxxd

“The road to hell is paved

with good intentions.”

Oh! I’ll do it tomorrow!



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