Just an existence,

What is the aim?

Of waking up,

With no go or game?

The sun shines through,

But I don’t see,

There is beauty in life,

Should be free to be me!


I sip a coffee,

In my colourless gown.

Look out of the window,

Why do I feel so down?

I go to the bathroom,

Wash my cares away,

To wake up refreshed

after I meditate and pray.


I’m turning into my mother,

She wears colourless beige.

She is older but none the wiser,

I guess she’s given up at her age.

She switched herself off,

Years and years ago.

A colourless existence,

She really doesn’t know.


To live like that,

Is beyond belief.

So why do I follow?

To live in grief,

Frequent in feeling sorrow.

Though no-one has died,

There is no reason,

For years I cried inside.


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