Do this and do that,

Today will be matter-of-fact.

I won’t wake up at seven,

Lie-in and wait for heaven!

They say variety is the spice of life,

But all I’ve had is trouble and strife.

But c’mon! Is it that bad?

There is no need to feel sad!


I won’t walk down that way,

Or maybe the bus, it’s a cold day.

It goes round the same scene,

So I read a book to feel serene.

It doesn’t take very long,

To go to town among the throng.

I’ll go to the bank, but wait!

Do I follow the same fate?


I’ll nip in the library,

To browse and an exhibition I see.

Then grab a drink,

To help me think.

Do I go to the superstore?

Oh, it’s such a bore!

I’ll go to the market-square,

Don’t feel closed-in there.


Just the little things to do,

Can make my day more anew.

Don’t stick to the same track,

Otherwise my head will crack!

To be in the same old, same old,

Turns my blood cold.

To give everyday a boost,

Then it’s home to roost.


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