Sun In Your Soul

No matter what,

Be grateful for what you’ve got.

Sing a happy song,

Join the merry throng!

Inside the sun will shine,

You’ll feel just fine.

So look after your soul,

Reach up for your goal.


By Debbie Wood-Holland.  🙂


I Wonder Why?

Oh no! I feel so unfit

and I’m such a twit.

I wonder why?

I drive in my car,

Won’t go very far.

I wonder why?

To the chippy again, I’ll go,

I really don’t know.

I wonder why?


I’m putting on weight,

I’m filled with self-hate.

I wonder why?

I’ll eat more cream cakes,

Oh! For goodness sakes!

I wonder why?

It’s all the stress,

My life is such a mess.

I wonder why?


Don’t walk anywhere,

But do I care?

I wonder why?

Have another drink,

So that I can’t think.

I wonder why?

Have another smoke,

Regardless if I choke.

I wonder why?


I’ll shop online in a click,

It’s no wonder I’m sick.

I wonder why?

To hell with being healthy!

I’ll hope to be wealthy.

I wonder why?

I cry.



By Debbie Wood-Holland.




Have you ever met?

If not, you will do yet.

Jobsworth John and Jobsworth Jane,

They’ll place you under daily strain.


They need to get their figures out

and fill you with more self-doubt.

They’ll plot you on their charts, you see,

Along with the bottom three.


But don’t you worry and don’t you whine,

Because you’ll be the next in line.

Please don’t feel left behind

and treat eachother kind.


So look after your own sweet souls

and reach up to your higher goals.



By Debbie Wood-Holland.

Happy & Sad.

It’s not so bad,

To feel happy and sad.

For feelings show,

How much we grow.

With sunshine and rain,

Pleasure and pain.

So be grateful

and not bitter and hateful.



By Debbie Wood-Holland.



Heart-shaped Puddle.

There’s love to be found,

On the ground,

I look at my reflection,

On closer inspection,

Circles, ripples flow out,

Break up my image of doubt,

Drops of rain

soothe all the pain.



By Debbie Wood-Holland.


Watch the world go by,

As I breathe a sigh.

This cold spring day

and I’m on my way.

People board the bus,

Don’t create a fuss,

The sunshine is bright

and it’s hard to write!



By Debbie Wood-Holland.





I wish it was sunny in the day,

and it would rain by night.

I wish I could say,

That two wrongs are right.


I wish, when there’s hope,

The days could be long.

I wish that there was time

to increase the scope.


I wish that money did not exist

and that joy is within.

I wish that love towered

and caught up what we’ve missed.


I wish the path was clearer,

That rough was smooth,

I wish there was no evil

and that truth was nearer.



By Debbie Wood-Holland.